Posted: 2019-01-23 06:52:53
I still wanna see California
Posted: 2019-01-23 06:52:46
@TuckerCarlson Re California prohibiting speech Canada attempted the same law except they took it further. @jordanbpeterson, psych prof @Toronto protested against “controlled” speech. You should have him has a guest. He sheds light on the slippery slope of banning speech
Posted: 2019-01-23 06:52:43
WOW! She didn't need to be naturalized when she was born in Oakland CALIFORNIA! #Harris2020
Posted: 2019-01-23 06:52:39
#5G #SmallCells #MIMO Across the U.S., from Palo Alto, California to Montgomery County, Maryland, citizens are decrying... …
Posted: 2019-01-23 06:52:35
WHERE MONSTERS LURK: ABUSED AVERY FOUND IN TIME AND BEING HELPED In a section of Watts, California, monsters lurk. The unspeakable evil is clearly apparent in the faces of the innocent. An abused dog,... …