Posted: 2019-01-23 06:55:32
I thought this said Louisiana-
Posted: 2019-01-23 06:54:05
Canes is SOOOO much better than Zaxbys!! I’m from NC but moved to Louisiana where Canes is on every corner and it’s SO much better. However, nothing will ever beat Bojangles
Posted: 2019-01-23 06:53:39
I still gotta hit Louisiana Seafood in moval lol
Posted: 2019-01-23 06:53:15
I thought each ship could only handle 550k bpd and took 48 hours to load. How many tankers per day can be processed? It’s suggested to be a 30 tanker increase? Any info on this? Louisiana can do 2MM bpd in 24 hours per ship and is building 8 terminals. We need to be competitive
Posted: 2019-01-23 06:52:54
Louisiana woman Mississippi man was my jam in Grand Teft Auto San Andreas.